About two months into me being 39 I realized I need to make a life style change. My goal was to lose weight, get toned and adopts healthier eating habits. Donnie provided a workout plan that was great for my schedule, age and size. After a week and half I already could see results and after 3 months I had reached my goal weight of 120lbs. I went into my 40’s feeling better than I ever had.



As a football player at the semi-pro level, being in shape and having long lasting endurance is key to success on the field. Although I have a degree in personal training, I knew I’d need that extra push to get to where I wanted to be for season so I contacted Donnie.

Without hesitation he became not only my trainer but a mentor and big brother to me. He pushed me when I thought I had nothing left and helped me to become not just strong physically but mentally and spiritually as well. In our time together I was able to cut just over 25 pounds and gain 14 back in muscle!

Not only that, but because of the time and attention Donnie took with me, he helped my performance jump tremendously on the field. To the point that I not only made the all-star team as a rookie but had pro tryouts and contracts offered to me.

Although relocation caused me to cut our sessions, I keep the lessons he gave me close and use them in the gym and life now. I am beyond grateful for Donnie Macom and the Warrior Training family! I’ve gained some friends in the gym and a brother for life.


Coach A.J. Bussey
Owner/Operator of Fortitude Fitness & Nutrition

When Donnie started training me I was so discouraged and stuck. I felt like nothing was going to work for me. But it did. Donnie knew exactly how to challenge me, motivate me, and keep me accountable throughout my weightloss journey! He is so knowledgable about the science behind shocking and stressing your body so it will change through diet and exercise. More importantly he honestly cares about you as a client and will give his all to make sure you are seeing results. If you do what he tells you to there is no way you will not change! Not only did I lose weight, but he literally changed my life. I’m stronger, more confident, and able to encourage so many other people who struggle with their weight…. Not to mention he helped me look and feel great in preparation for my wedding! Great trainer, great friend, and great partner on your healthy life change journey!


Suzy Allen

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